PAC Fund

What is a PAC?
NYSSPA cannot expect to move our agenda forward without support from legislators. So, NYSSPA established a Political Action Committee (PAC) that by definition is a political committee that spends money on elections, but is not run by a party or individual candidate. A PAC collects and pools contributions from individuals. The PAC then gives those contributions to candidates, political parties and other PACs. They can also spend the contributions on advertising or other political efforts meant to support or oppose political candidates.

NYSSPA must have support from legislators in order to move our agendas forward. NYSSPA Political Action Committee (PAC) supports the legislators who back NYSSPA‚Äôs desire to improve access to care for the patients of the state of New York. It is not run by a party or individual candidate. 

What has the NYSSPA PAC accomplished in the past?
The NYSSPA PAC, and ultimately the success of our legislative agenda, depend on donations. Donations to the PAC support our current and past initiatives. View our Legislative Agenda page to read more.

How can I donate?
By law, donations to the PAC cannot come from the NYSSPA membership fees or operating funds. Therefore, the NYSSPA PAC is separate from your NYSSPA membership and relies on individual donations from members like you. That is why it is so vital that our members support the PAC with separate donations. Every donation counts, so please donate today! Your profession and your livelihood depend on it! Only members can donate to the PAC. 

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