Institutional Membership

Advance Your PAs with a NYSSPA Institutional Membership

NYSSPA is New York State’s only constituent organization of the American Academy of PAs, and the state’s top resource for PA professional development, education, and CME training. NYSSPA is committed to providing its PA members with the resources necessary to ensure they continue serving their patients, their organizations, and communities at the highest level. Our organization understands the changing landscape of healthcare throughout the state’s diverse regions and knows that PAs are valued members of your healthcare teams.

When you enroll all the PAs employed by your healthcare organization in our Institutional Membership program, you are investing in their future and declaring your support of their professional development. Your PAs will benefit professionally from NYSSPA with:

If your organization enrolls all physicians in MSSNY, this is the same benefit that you can extend to all your PAs, and if your organization is already supporting PAs with NYSSPA memberships, this program will further streamline the administrative burden of reimbursement and offers a cost savings of $45 per PA. For more information, please contact

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