More than 4,000 peers derive professional value from NYSSPA, including licensed PAs, PA program faculty, affiliates and PA students. Join in membership and discover what NYSSPA can do for you today.

Our Mission

NYSSPA provides PAs a collective voice through advocacy and enhancing the environment of PA practice focused on quality patient and healthcare outcomes.

Our Vision

NYSSPA promotes and empowers all PAs and PA students as integral members and leaders of healthcare teams, who practice evidence-based medicine, excel at research and academia, and provide high quality, cost-effective care.

What Does NYSSPA Offer?

Recognizing the unique needs of the industry, NYSSPA works collectively on behalf of your profession to bring value to your membership. Our efforts depend on the financial support provided by membership dues.

Leadership and Advocacy for the PA Profession

  • Supporting and optimizing PA practice through legislative strategic planning and lobbying. NYSSPA constantly monitors proposed legislation that might impact healthcare and the PA profession.
  • NYSSPA Lobby Day - NYSSPA volunteer leaders and members travel to Albany each Spring to meet with key legislators and explain issues of concern to PAs, their patients, and the healthcare teams they work with.
  • Quarterly newsletter that includes a compilation of legislative updates, academy news, PA program updates, articles of interest, and industry insights
  • Public Education - We provide resources for public education, including staffing a booth at the New Your State Fair.
  • Professional Relations - NYSSPA creates and sustains relationships with the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) and other organizations and agencies involved in healthcare throughout the state. 

Meetings and Networking

  • Annual CME Conference - PAs from across the state gather each fall to learn about advances in healthcare and key issues for the profession. Clinical specialty tracks, and sessions designed for faculty and students, meet the needs of PAs with varying interests.
  • PA Week - NYSSPA provides public education materials and supports local efforts to recognize the contributions of PAs, highlighting the important role we play in healthcare.
  • District CME meetings and networking events designed to share knowledge about topics pertinent to PA leaders.
  • Provides platforms for NY PAs on Social Media. Find NYSSPA on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Professional Development and Career OpportunitiesCareer Center with job openings and resources for students and PA professionals. Upload and post your resume to the career center for recruiters

Recognition and Awards 

  • PA of the Year
  • Physician Advocate of the Year
  • Paul Lombardo, MPS, PA-C Emeritus Educator of the Year

Student Support

  • PA profession resources
  • NYSSPA scholarships
  • Medical Jeopardy



P: 917-679-4005
E: info@nysspa.org