2020 Delegates to the AAPA HOD Candidates
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Candidates Anderson to Jackson | Candidates Kuriakose to Sobel


Delegates to the AAPA HOD

12 seats available, including Chief Delegate 

Christopher Anderson, MBA, MS, PA-C

I am declaring my candidacy for one of our state's House of Delegates seats. As a PA, and healthcare administrative leader, my past experiences will enable me to continue to influence the change necessary to allow scope of practice laws to optimize for our professional clinical practice. The last few weeks have been challenging to experience with the novel COVID-19 viral pandemic, but PAs are a major reason that care delivery could be maintained as the volume of bed capacity increased. 

PAs are a complete solution in healthcare delivery and access to care. Optimization of practice and utilization will be key in the future to allow for our growing and ageing population to receive efficient, high quality and cost-effective care. 

In my current role, as the Sr. Director of PA services at Lenox Hill Hospital / Northwell Health, the onboarding, recruitment and retention of PA staff is key to maximizing our institutions goals for national excellence in healthcare.

In addition to my current healthcare leadership role, I have held prior roles to bolster my knowledge in assisting with my role as a NYSSPA state delegate. In my prior role as Director of Advanced Practice Providers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), I focused on NP/PA development and patient flow optimization. In addition, my clinical background includes surgical work at Montefiore Medical Center Residency Program, Jacobi Medical Center’s Surgical ICU, and Northwell Health’s Southside Hospital on the Acute Care Surgery team. Prior to MSKCC, I had joined NYU Langone Health to further develop the PA Services Department, with a focus on PA onboarding, productivity, and simulation training. I am a strong advocate for positive PA work environments as a 2018-19 CHLM Employer of Excellence Winner with NYU Langone and 2019-2020 winner with MSKCC. I have received both a BA and MS from Touro College in physician assistant studies, and more recently completed his MBA in Health Services Management from Hofstra University.  

Donna Anderson, MPAS, PA-C

I am declaring my candidacy for House of Delegates. I have been a District Director for the Western New York area for over 10 years, with three different terms. I am presently Vice President of our local association, Western New York Physician Assistant Association and continue to serve the PAs of this area. PA’s have one of the best states in the union to practice, and I continue the desire to be involved in the process of pushing us forward.

I am new to the academic scene, and now am responsible for educating our future PAs. By continuing my work with HOD, I feel as though I will be at the forefront of what is happening in our state and can pass this along to our students.

Please considering reelecting me to the House of Delegates representing NYSSPA. I appreciate your support.

Jonathan Baker, MPAS, PA-C

I have served as a leader in the PA profession throughout my career. I bring nearly a decade of experience in AAPA constituent organization leadership, 7 years in the HOD, 2 years as an AAPA Liaison as well as serving as the NYSSPA NYC District Director and on various NYSSPA committees over the past 2 years. I've heard the stories of my PA colleagues - the struggles, the accomplishments, the patients whose lives we touch every day. PAs are leaders and valuable team members. I am done hearing "PAs cannot be considered at this time." We need to stand together and recognize that it is time to modernize PA practice in New York.

As an experienced leader and PA advocate I plan to continue NYSSPAs strong trajectory of legislative, networking, and educational initiatives which ultimately improve our patients’ health outcomes. Working in collaboration with our strong board and committed members, I will develop an association to which every New York PA and PA student is proud to belong. Together, we will achieve unprecedented legislative and regulatory success. 

This is a vital time in our profession, national initiatives modernizing practice (including Optimal Team Practice/OTP) depend on state constituent organizations. Although New York is geographically diverse, we have more in common than differences. We will celebrate both our common ground and diversity as NYSSPA ensures that all New York State PAs and PA Students are heard. I am asking for your vote for NYSSPA HOD Delegate!

Kevin Bolan, PA-C

I would like to ask your vote to represent NYSSPA at the AAPA House of Delegates. I have served NYSSPA in this role many times over the past 35 years.  I currently serve on the NYSSPA Board of Directors and continue to be active on many NYSSPA and AAPA committees. I would like utilize my experience to continue to work on your behalf by representing NY at the AAPA HOD. 



Susan Cappelmann, MS, MT(ASCP), PA-C

NYSSPA will play an important role in advocating and continuing the necessary legislative agendas required to move OTP forward. This will be no small task and is a necessary step to ensure that all PAs may fully utilize their education and experience to provide access to quality healthcare throughout NYS. As a long time PA educator, I will continue to advocate for solutions to the challenges PA programs will face in providing the high quality education needed to prepare our students for the future demands and expectations of our profession. Additionally, we need to continue to expand the marketing strategies and education about our profession to increase awareness of how PAs can be a vital force in the healthcare systems of the future.

I look forward to continuing to advocate for professional and practice issues that affect all PAs as your delegate in the HOD as we work to work to move our profession forward and meet the challenges before us. Thank you for the privilege to have served as your delegate, and hope I will have your continued support as we work to build a stronger profession for all PAs, PA students, and most importantly, the patients we care for.   

Daniel Forsberg, PA-C

I am an active member of both NYSSPA and the AAPA with some experience in the workings of these organizations. The issues that face the practicing PA are many and varied. New York represents a large delegation to the AAPA and we should ensure the AAPA addresses the needs of each of our diverse and disparate PA professionals. Over the past few years we have become a larger voice in the organization and we have seen the aspirations of the AAPA grow and become reality in many states. We need to continue to press for our issues in NY and leverage the AAPA to aid in this effort. Our state motto is Excelsior, so we should continue to aim “ever upward.” 


Taylor Indivero PA-C 

As a NYSSPA delegate to the AAPA HOD, I am committed to advocating for all PAs to practice at the top of our licensure with the ultimate goal of Optimal Team Practice. I have been a practicing PA for 8 years with experience in Vascular, Plastic & Reconstructive, and Orthopedic-Spine Surgical specialties. I currently participate as a PA student preceptor. As a student, I was a member of the AAPA HOD. I have been a member of the AAPA for many years and more recently NYSSPA. My goal as your candidate is to promote our profession and bring awareness to the fact that we are highly skilled and trained healthcare providers. I believe that it is just as important to advocate for our profession as it is to clinically practice. Without PAs advocating for ourselves, we simply would not be where we are today. We cannot forget the importance and potential impact we can have as a united front to achieve improved direct patient care and access. Through widespread advocacy, we will be able to achieve optimal team practice, direct payment for PAs, and something as simple as ordering diabetic shoes.

I went to my first AAPA Leadership and Advocacy Summit in March 2020. Prior to attending the conference I knew that I wanted to be more involved in advocacy. I was inspired by hearing the leadership experiences of my fellow PA colleagues. I hope as your delegate I can help foster the success of our state in promoting our profession and increasing membership like our fellow PAs have achieved elsewhere.

Heather Isola, MPAS, PA-C 

As a PA since 2006, I have been active in practicing and advocating for the PA profession in many forums across New York state, and now nationally as a House of Delegate member in 2019 and 2020. From small clinical practices to a large health system, my roots have been in allowing PAs to operate at the fullest of their potential. My passion for the PA practice is something I love to share with fellows PAs, industry and leadership professionals and the general public.

In my position as Director of Physician Assistant Services, and inaugural lead in this department, I have an important role to push our profession forward with a keen understanding of who and what PAs represent, and the future of our profession. I represent over 900 PAs, from diverse backgrounds across the New York metro area in the Mount Sinai Health System, and believe it is important to ensure they have a voice to practice at their best, and be presented at their best on a national level. I look forward to having the opportunity to be part of the House of Delegates in the 2021 year, and thank you for allowing me to represent the delegation and New York state for the past 2 years. 

David Jackson, DHSc, PA-C, PRP, DFAAPA

I am running to be a delegate from NYSSPA to the AAPA House of Delegates. I ask for your vote for one reason: my experience. For nearly 20 years, I have served as an emergency medicine clinician, preceptor, PA educator, community leader, administrator and as a PA leader. I began in New York at the grassroots level and worked my way up to election as NYSSPA President twice. I have for over fifteen years served in the House of Delegates and for the past eight years I have served as a board member and AAPA Vice-President and Speaker of the HOD. In all my work for our profession, I have put the patient's well-being first and believe our profession is strongest when we keep this focus. I understand the issues facing our profession today are challenging and I have the proven leadership and collaboration skills that are needed. I would be honored to partner with you to keep our profession strong.


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