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NYSSPA Statement on Systemic Racism

Saturday, June 6, 2020  
Posted by: NYSSPA
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As PAs, we take an oath to hold as our primary responsibility the health, safety, welfare and dignity of all people. We have an obligatory moral and ethical imperative to stand in solidarity with those fighting for justice. As an organization, NYSSPA cannot ignore systemic racism and violence as a public health issue that impacts all aspects of health, safety, welfare, and dignity. We stand together with the Black community.

We acknowledge and support those engaging in non-violent protest and honoring the memory of George Floyd among many others. NYSSPA supports reform that holds law enforcement and officials accountable for their actions, reduces biases amongst those in uniform while ensuring respect for those protecting our safety. 

As medical practitioners, it is our responsibility to be empathetic, to advocate, and care for our patients regardless of their skin color or community they come from and to continue to make our patients and their health our priority.It is our responsibility to strive for open communication to create safe spaces where all people feel comfortable sharing their hardships and truths, to listen and hear those struggles. We pledge to work together to tear down barriers to health care, equality, and address social determinants of health. PAs will continue to be part of the conversation and the solution, striving for true systemic reform. 




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