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Lobby Day 2019 Recap

Tuesday, April 9, 2019  
Posted by: John Hallowell
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On Monday, April 8, NYSSPA held its annual Lobby Day in Albany. Lobby Day provides the opportunity for NYSSPA members to meet with individual legislators and other key governmental staff to speak about our legislative agenda. Meetings were scheduled by Stephen Hanse, our lobbyist, so we could meet with those who are directly involved with our legislation so we could discuss our issues, educate, and promote our profession all with the goal of improving patient care by allowing us to practice to the highest level for which we have been trained. 

This year 16 NYSSPA members – John Hallowell, Maureen Regan, Mark Zender, David Jackson, Cheryl Glick, Brian Glick, Kevin Bolan, Tom Brown, Patti Cuartas, Joe Ciavarro, Jason McGrade, Steve Ferrante, Shelby Edwards, Brian Giovanni, Melissa Rodriguez, and Heather Turney – met at Stephen’s office for an early morning briefing, were divided into two groups, and then all headed to the Capitol and Legislative Office Buildings. 

The three primary items for discussion were the “same as” bills meaning the Assembly and Senate bills were identical, otherwise there would not be an opportunity for them to pass:

  • S1812 (Rivera) and A2982 (Gottfried) to allow PAs to perform fluoroscopy
  • S1797 (Rivera) and A3003 (Gottfried) to allow the ratio of PAs to physician to be “at one time” rather than strictly 4:1 or 6:1
  • S4841 and A1162-A (Gottfried) to add PAs to the group of providers (physicians and NPs) allowed to sign MOLST forms to facilitate end-of-life decision-making

Also discussed with Assemblyman Gottfried’s team was a statement he is crafting to further define the “Big Bill” which was Chapter 30 of the Laws of 2010. While this law was intended to clarify what a PA can or cannot do, there have been situations in which there has been or could be room for misinterpretation. We are working with Assemblyman Gottfried to better define the intent of the law so that going forward there will be no opportunity for misinterpretation.

The consensus was we all had strong meetings, were able to speak about our legislative agenda, and while there is definitely more work to be done between now and the end of the legislative session (early June), we left optimistic about our opportunities to have our bills passed. 

If you have any questions about specifics on our bills and the agenda, please contact John Hallowell, Chair, Governmental Affairs Committee. 



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